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Single relay control forward and reverse and speed control circuit schematic

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Idea: Using a single-pole double-throw relay to control the motor's forward and reverse design is very good, but how to make the motor stop and speed regula

Incandescent lighting control switch circuit

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Under normal conditions, the alternating current forms a loop through a voltage divider circuit composed of an incandescent lamp, a VD4 to VD7 rectifier bridge,

Electronic time relay circuit diagram

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In the circuit diagram, S1 is the mode selection switch; S2 is the time range selection switch, the main control integrated circuit is 52432-01, 52432-01 applic

Light sensor application switch item circuit diagram

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Light sensor application switch item circuit diagram
Photosensitive resistors are widely used in a variety of light control circuits, monitoring lights, toy co

plc installation practices editing and troubleshooting

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PLC selection method

In the design of the PLC system, the control plan should be determined first, and the next step is to select the PLC engineering design. T

control circuit for forward and reverse motor

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Motor forward and reverse control circuit diagram
Motor forward and reverse self-locking interlock principle and circuit diagram

The principle of motor revers

speed control of dc motor using pwm using 555 timer

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Speed ​​control of DC motors using pwm using the 555 timer

The basic principle of PWM pulse width modulation:

The basic principle of pulse width modulation

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