8051 microcontroller interrupts

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When several interrupt sources request interrupts from the CPU at the same time, according to the priority of the real-time events that occur, priority is given

8051 microcontroller pin diagram

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8051 microcontroller pin diagram
The pins of the 8051 series are compatible with each other. The 8051, 8751 and 8031 are all available in a 40-pin dual-column l

8051 microcontroller features

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8051 microcontroller introduction:
A single-chip microcomputer is simply referred to as a single-chip microcomputer, also known as a microcontroller, and is an

what is single chip microcomputer

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what is single chip microcomputer.
A single-chip microcomputer is also called a single-chip microcontroller. It is not a chip that completes a certain logic fun

The difference between (arm) and single chip microcomputer

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The literal meaning of a single-chip microcomputer is a single-chip microcomputer, which is a microcomputer system that integrates a processor, a memory, and ne

How to choose the C compiler of PIC microcontroller

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If you are compiling PIC10, PIC12, PIC16 series microcontrollers, it is best to use CCS. For the PIC18/PIC24/dsPIC/PIC32 series, MCC is the best.

The C compile

STC microcontroller design for inverter

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//50HZ square wave generation


STC microcontroller design for inverter





The memory is organized a paper detailed 51 MCU

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Program memory:The procedures used to store (binary image file, executable program includes data), including initialization code, firmware.As a read-only memory

How to eliminate the ghost phenomenon of single-chip digital tube

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I don't know if the students found out. The operation results of our two digital tube dynamic display programs don't seem to be perfect. The first small

Design of dynamic scanning driven 51 single-chip digital tube

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Digital tube because of high brightness, good indicating effect, very suitable for numerical display application in elevator. For a digital tube, can adopt the

Has the following advantages of the Linux operating system in embedded system

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The computer for history and embedded computer control equipment in the field of their long history. The first is used to control the electromechanical telephon

How to avoid the problem of EMC PCB design

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Recently often asked EMC Related issues, such as how to design in order to avoid the problem of EMC, I want to often focus on high-speed Mr shoes are the same o

How to Choose a Practical MCU Development Edition Suitable for Your Own

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On the social networking site, I have answered the question of how to choose the development board countless times. After the end, there are countless small par

What is the advantage of the characteristics of PIC MCU

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I. Introduction

According to statistics, China Singlechip Annual capacity has reached 1-3 billion, and the annual growth rate of about 16%, but compared with t


The first one is the look-up table method.

Let's say I have three data.

Char code table={0x01,0x02,0x03} respectively correspond to 0xa, 0xb, 0xc, how to

Principles and applications of FPGA and dedicated DSP

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FIR The FIR filter (Fig. 1) stores a series of n data units, each of which is delayed by an additional period. Usually, these data units are called branches. Ea

Share the experience and skills of PIC microcontroller development

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The PIC series MCUs produced by Microchip Technology of the United States have been widely used in industrial control, instrumentation, instrumentation, communi

Based on single-chip EEPROM analysis

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In the actual application, the data stored in the RAM of the MCU is lost after power-off. The data stored in the FLASH of the MCU cannot be changed at will, tha

Sharing the common abnormal phenomena analysis and solutions of STM32 MCU

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During the development of the MCU, there are often strange faults. I have a very strange problem when developing the STM32 MCU. Let's share the process with you. I hope to help the peers.

MSP430 series MCU learning tutorial

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Let's take the MSP430 series MCU as an example to explain the process of learning MCU.

Analysis of factors affecting the power consumption of the microcontroller

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I have been doing pic microcontroller power consumption for the past week. Since the project uses battery power, power consumption issues are very important. Ac

51 MCU Timer Mode 2 and Baud Rate Application

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Here we mainly talk about the application of baud rate and timer 2.

In general, our serial communication uses asynchronous serial communication, the way of wor

Five rules for designing single-chip system development

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Five rules for designing single-chip system development

[Rule 1] Design the most streamlined system that meets the requirements.

Correctly estimating the capa

Introduce the application skills of C51 bit computing

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 Bit operation application port:

  Clear and use the position to use, a certain position is available or, if you want to reverse and exchange, easily use XO

PIC microcontroller program writing notes

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This article mainly introduces the problems that should be paid attention to when programming and space allocation of PIC microcontrollers.

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