Manufacture of Electronic Fishing Device

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Manufacture of Electronic Fishing Device

Working principle
The fishing device is based on the principle that the electric energy with a voltage higher than 100V and a power greater than 30W is released into the water to kill fish with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 meters.
As shown in the Circuit diagram of the fisherman, the circuit consists of three parts: the first part is an inverter composed of crystal triode and ferrite transformer, which converts 12V DC voltage into hundreds to thousands of Hz AC current with voltage amplitude greater than 100V; the second part is a full-wave voltage doubling rectifier, which doubles the output voltage and converts it into DC, and the third part is a relay, which controls the circuit. The electric energy can be effectively released into the water, and the high voltage drop caused by insertion into the water can be avoided. W 1 can adjust the input current and W 2 can adjust the output power.
Component selection

BG1, BG2 require symmetry, and use high-power tube, each tube should add enough heat sinks, transformer with E-20 ferrite transformer core, winding to achieve good insulation, the data of each winding is shown in the figure. C1, C2 adopt oil paper dielectric capacitance, relay adopt DC relay with voltage 12V, suction current less than 40mA, power supply voltage 12V, capacity larger than 3A small storage battery, BG1, BG2 require beta (> 50), BVceo (> 30V), alternative use 3AD19, 3AD30, 3AD17, D1, D2 can use reverse voltage greater than 400V, current greater than 200mA rectifier tube. W1 power capacity is 2W, W2 power capacity is 1W. Switch K is a touch-on switch. The current allowed to pass through is greater than 5A.
Adjustment and use

After installation, the circuit is loaded with bulbs of 40 to 60 W and 220 V, which are connected to both ends of A and B. Press switch K. If the circuit does not oscillate, the head of L1 or L2 can be changed. If the circuit starts to vibrate, the sound of transformer can be heard. Adjust W 1 to make the battery input current 3.5 to 5A, and then adjust W 2 to make the relay produce a continuous on-off "click" sound. At this time, the bulb flashes and the adjustment ends. When in use, two multi-stranded leather wires are loaded, one is connected to a fishnet circle made of metal wire, the other is connected to a metal plate. The two wires are placed at the ends of the waters 1 to 1.5 meters wide. The bubbles in the water can be seen. If there are fish, they are knocked unconscious and floated on the water surface. Then the fish are fished up with a fishnet.


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